2022 Acura MDX Type-S: making good use of that new engine…

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The 2022 Acura MDX is already a very impressive large SUV, and things are about to get even better.
Acura has just announced the Type-S version of the new MDX. 
Of course, it comes with the new 3.0 Liter V6 used in the TLX Type-S. 
It makes 355HP in the MDX. (Other models have 290HP)
New on this top of the line version are massaging front seats, Brembo brakes, and a new 25 Speakers ELS Studio 3D Signature Edition audio system
(Since the 17 speakers in the non-Type S version is already amazing, I cannot imagine what that will sound like)
The Type-S also comes with a new standard Air Suspension. 
It will be on sale next month, and will start “in the high-$60 000 range”.
I will be experiencing the new V6 in the Acura TLX Type-S in a few short weeks. Which should be fun.


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  1. All SUVs are so much alike. Boring. But at least Acura got rid of the 'shield' grill. Nice vehicle, good proportions, better small horizontal screen on dash, handsome upholstery in these pics, wheels are too large (ghetto rims), but all of this is nothing special otherwise. Maybe the engine as you say, Vince, will be worth it. Close to $70k makes me laugh.

  2. $70k for 355hp? No! That is a horrible deal. You can get much better tuned vehicles with more power for less. You could get a very powerful Challenger or Charger, or Camaro or Mustang for that price, or less. If I had to get an SUV, you can get a V8 Grand Cherokee fully luxed out for that price. Heck, an SRT Durango… There are so many better options at this price.

    I am saying this as someone who loves Acura too. The value is just no longer there.

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