2022 Lincoln Zephyr: one great looking sedan…

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Almost shocking how good-looking this new Lincoln is.
The new Zephyr looks better than what Cadillac and many others currently offer. And it is really too bad we are missing out on this.
It is powered by Ford’s “2.0 Liter-that-is-in-everything”. Which is fine.
No word on a hybrid. 
I still think this could have made a great PHEV in the US. But who am I…


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  1. I don't understand the point of the full width screens. The passenger is just going to be on their phone, not leaning forward trying to operate the dash screen.

  2. I agree about the full width screen. How distracting would that be? I can only imagine the multiple areas of light glare at night as a consequence. That, and the name Zephyr is remarkably bad, and just not appealing. Just saw the 2022 Consumer Reports rankings, and Lincoln was ranked the most unreliable brand, so I really hope they work on that.

  3. Is it just me, or does this look almost exact copy of the Chrysler 200? Maybe bigger, with a better nose (and better interior), but we've seen this side profile before.

  4. The front, side and rear designs are forklifted from Audi, BMW and Volvo respectively. It looks very very very derivative. Haven't they learned anything from other manufacturers yet? How much longer are they going depend on the patriotic Americans?

  5. Handsomest car I've seen in a while. Interior is blah, the dash doesn't thrill me (I know all the high-end makes are doing the "my screen is bigger than yours" b.s.), and not crazy about newer trend to two "spoke" steering wheels But I couldn't afford it and apparently won't be in the States. Shame. But, damn that dash sucks.

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