2023 Dodge Hornet: a look inside…

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That could literally be anything, from anyone.
But here you go, today we get to see a little bit of the upcoming 2023 Dodge Hornet.
(Although the door handle and steering wheels do look the same as the Tonale interior shots we have seen a while ago…)
It will be related to the upcoming Alfa Romeo Tonale compact SUV coming out next year as well. And will be built at the same facility in Italy. So, nothing really American about this new Dodge.
The new Hornet gets its name from a cool 2009 Concept. Which was supposed to become a production model soon after.
But you know… Chrysler…
Over 10 years later, the name is back. And the new model will be the first new Dodge in may years. A brand that Sergio Marchionne did his best to kill. By taking all their trucks away and renaming them “RAM”. And making sure the good olf brand was getting nothing new for over a decade. Except for new trims of existing, old models.
Chrysler’s new owners have decided to give all of their brands a chance. And that includes Chrysler and Lancia as well. Let’s hope the little Hornet gets Dodge going again. It’ll take a lot of work and money to put that brand back in people’s minds. 
(Thanks to a reader for the pic!)


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  1. What tells you this is the Hornet and not the Tonale interior, which was recently spied (you can see a Tonale sitting next to this based on the wrapping) and has that exact steering wheel, which is pure Alfa…?

  2. The paper on the dash says "Hornet".

    I noticed the similarities too. Maybe someone misplaced that paper and put it inside a Tonale? Who knows… Maybe there is a bit of drinking at the factory? You know, Mondays can be tough for some people.

  3. Given that this exact interior disguise/coverings were photographed of the Tonale, door panels and all, I think the piece of paper isn't the dispositive thing here.

  4. SM did not even try to kill DODGE. he was trying to rebrand the brand to what it is today. Cant be a brand about Muscle cars and have Farm/Contractors Trucks in your line up. He knew All the brands didnt "need" to cover all segments to be profitable because the brands share Show rooms with each other.. At the end he made both Ram & Dodge Profitable while giving each its ideal brand Identity.

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