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At least to me, this “new” Ford Ranger doesn’t look that new.
Sure, it looks different. But also like it came out a few years ago.
I guess you can’t expect much from a mainstream truck design.
Besides the front end, the “all-new” Maverick doesn’t look that modern either.
Supposedly, the photos above show the “global” version of the Ranger. Our US model is coming later.
But, as we know, the current generation Ranger looks 99% similar to the one sold overseas. 
So yes, this is basically the new US Ranger also.
The new one has a wider track and longer wheelbase. Probably to make sure there is room for the Maverick below it.
But, unlike the Maverick, no hybrid version is offered. At least not so far. (A PHEV model is coming to Europe later)
It gets the 2.3 Liter Ecoboost engine with a diesel option overseas.
The new Ranger is based on an upgraded version of the current platform. 


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  1. They need this vertical touchscreen + buttons setup in the Mach-E, Ford Edge, rest of their lineup. Hate how the Mach-E doesn't have physical HVAC buttons.

  2. Too tall. Jeezus. Don't people get tired of driving around giant concrete blocks? Or is their penis that small?

  3. Anonymous Anonymous said…
    Another offshored hand-me-down.

    November 24, 2021 at 6:36 PM

    Better to let others be the test markets. Being first doesn't always mean better. The US jumped in first with cell phones and internet. Others saw better ways to implement it to a degree we look like a 3rd world country. Why? Because others saw how not to do it.

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