2023 Kia EV6: amazing in person…

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Just like everyone else, I had seen 100s of photos of the new Kia EV6. 
This week was the first time I actually saw one and sat in it. And all I can say is “WOW”.
I also have to mention, that I am a huge fan of that interior color that I have not seen yet in photos. This is the “base” EV6 model, not the “GT Line”. Or GT.
The brown and black interior is just fantastic. And the quality is miles ahead of anything Tesla has to offer at any price. 
The Kia is also far roomier than a Model 3. The rear legroom is quite amazing. 
The huge hatchback is a big plus and the rear seats fold practically flat.
The only small thing I didn’t like was the steering wheel blocking the top sides of the screen behind it. 3rd pic). At least in my preferred driving position.
I noticed the exact same thing in the Hyundai Ioniq 5.  
Unlike the Hyundai, there is no huge glass roof available. Just a large sunroof over the front seats.
The rear of the car looks very futuristic, which makes the front end feels a bit too conservative. Especially next to the Ioniq5. Which looks retro/futuristic from any angle.
The RWD version gets 300 miles of range. Which is better than the ID.4 and Toyota b4RTSWZXYZ.
Although similar to the Nissan Ariya.
The only question mark left is the US pricing.
Let’s hope they can match the ID.4 at under $40 000 to start. And not the Aryia which begins at over $46 000…


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  1. I didn't take photos of the Aryia, (they even had it locked on the 2nd day)
    But the interior is great and feels really nice. Although not many colors to choose from. And almost every one of them comes w a black interior…
    At the show, the EV6 didn't have a sunroof. But the EV6 GT Line did.

  2. I like the whole thing. Interior looks good with the giant screens that they all have now. Nice slope to the hood. Cool character line tied into tail lamps. Just don't back into anything with zero bumper because there's no room for error. Must have a camera like they all do now. Probably poor rear visibility overall.

    (Hell, I'm just old and can't see out especially with tint. But I used to like seeing out when young AND being seen!)

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