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I think the first official photos of the all-new Mazda CX-50 are pretty promising.
Unlike early rumors, the CX-50 is not based on the new upcoming larger RWD platform. But on the FWD CX-30 platform. 
But unlike the CX-30, the CX-50 will be AWD only. And while Mazda will continue selling the CX-5 for a while, that model will now become a zombie. Destined to be replaced by the CX-50 within a year or two. (Just like the CX-3 was on death row as soon as the CX-30 arrived)
The CX-50 looks all-new. But isn’t really. As mentioned, it uses the CX-30 platform. It also uses the 2.5 Liter and 2.5 Liter Turbo from the CX-5.
And also that good old 6-speed auto. No money was spent here for a new, more modern 8 speed.
A hybrid version is also scheduled to come later. Which actually could end up being the most interesting version. 
Obviously, from these pres photos, the new CX-50 will be offered in a more rugged version. Competing more directly with various Subaru models and the Ford Bronco Sport.
But other versions will be getting a “regular” chrome grille. And a more crossover-like appearance.
 A panoramic sunroof is also available, a first for Mazda.
And we can also tell a new color is “finally” available, called Zircon Sand.
The interior seems pretty classy and very restrained. Zero originality but it all looks pretty good. Just like other Mazda models, the screen sits on top of the dash but seems better integrated than other cars. Like the Honda Civic. 
Not sure yet if Mazda will finally offer a true touch screen or not. 
Mazda is expecting the CX-50 to eventually add 150 000 sales a year. (Which is pretty much what the CX-5 has been selling for the past couple of years.) The CX-50 won’t really add 150 000 to Mazda’s total sale numbers since the CX-5 will be less and less popular and quickly replaced by the CX-50. 
Is this a very nice addition to the Mazda lineup? Or just a CX-5 replacement “on the cheap”?

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  1. Various Mazdas I've test-driven do have a touch screen. But it only works while the car isn't moving. Otherwise, you have to use the controller on the console.
    I hope they can able the touch screen while driving as well. As they should.

  2. Vince – those are older vehicles running the older versions of Mazda Connect. None of the current generation with the current software has that. For example, before the CX-5 got the 10.25 inch center screen, the old one was touch capable in park. The new one is not.

  3. As a current mazda owner I can say I have zero need to ever touch the screen.. The controller is so handy and convenient, why would i ever touch the screen?

  4. Handsome. Now if Mazda can teach the rest of manufacturers to ditch those f*cking awful gaping maw, gigantic grills, the world would be a prettier, happier place. Good job, Mazda.

  5. The design direction seems to have been heavily influenced by the Tiguan and Impreza Crosstrek. Just look at the overall shape, fender flares, and taillight treatment.

    I believe this model is smaller in size compared to the CX-5 which I currently drive. That car is to be replaced by the Japanese-made CX-70 that will end up slightly longer. Until then the CX-5 will get a model revision as seen on their official website.

  6. Other than those old 2014 Chevy Traverse tail lights and some cold as hell knuckles from the air vents, this is very nice.

  7. I actually think the current CX-5's exterior styling is better, however the interior is clearly a step above in the CX-50. I am really disappointed about the same ole 6spd auto gearbox though. Pretty sure that will change with the rwd based models though. Hopefully anyway.

  8. *None of the current generation [of crossovers] with the current software has that. THat's what I meant to say. The departing CX-3 and 6 have the old system, so there's probably touch capability in park, as does the MX-5.

  9. What I don't get is why they just restyled the CX-5 to look much more like this one, with the squared lighting elements. If the current model is on life support as a cheaper alternative, why dilute sales of the new one by offering a highly similar look (with the same engines and transmission) for less?

    I have a CX-5 that I've been happy with, but the CX-50 is big meh for me at the moment. Other than the sunroof, it's not breaking any new ground. And since it is based on the CX-30, I wonder if it has similar, vertically squished, smaller windows. Hard to tell from the photos.

    Also, agree that a touch screen is totally unnecessary. Mine has touch-in-park, knob-in-motion, and I don't think I've ever used the touch option. The rotary knob is right at your fingertips and very convenient.

  10. Give us technical reasons why an 8-speed is better than a 6-speed? You can't.

    Other than "More Modern".

  11. The inside looks nice, but the outside seems like another 2020's "me too." Let's hope that the tacky fake plastic intakes on the front and rear, as well as the hood sticker, are limited to the aggressive model.

  12. 12:35 – "Cold as hell knuckles from the air vents" !!!!

    I experienced this with the new mazda 3 I had as a rental. The vents blew right on my hands as I drove

  13. Touch screen is not needed; At minimum distracting. The cladding in this model brings it a notch down.

  14. Vince, I really love the exterior and interior design but the stupid No touch screen.
    Why would I need the stupid touch screen? Very simple, because all other cars allow you to do so.
    This stupid system is so dumb. In order to do something while you're in motion, you must do about a billion moves to get to the stupid radio, or other things. A SAFTEYT HAZDARD! yes it is. BUT if I see the freaking logo on the screen (Waze) I wanna just press it and go.

    The ridiculous powertrain, MAN, a deal breaker. Why wouldn't you update this really old tranny.
    Why would I need an 8 speed tranny? more efficient, nicer gear change. This old six speed auto was really nice 5-7 years ago. Not now.

    Mind you, I had five CX5. I just sold a 2020 about six months ago. Beautiful vehicle but just OK power. Door entry access was so outdated too. And that old tranny.

    I ended up with a 2022 Honda CRV. Decent gas mileage, bigger trunk and decent power.
    Even though is the last year of the current design and old radio software, it is much better than the Mazda info system. Will keep it for about 18-24 months and will then replace it with the newer CRV.

    Keep up the good work Vince.

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