2023 Mazda CX-60: new spy shot…

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A European reader just sent me this. (Thanks!). And it looks like the all-new RWD Mazda CX-60 is just ready to come out.

It might seem strange at first since we just saw the new CX-50 yesterday. But remember, the CX-50 is for US/Canada only. Mazda figured out the rest of the world needs a new Mazda as well. And soon.

The new RWD platform will be used for the CX-60 and CX-80 in Europe. While we will be getting slightly larger versions called CX-70 and CX-90 (Go figure…)

This is rather disappointing. While the CX-50 seems quite nice and dynamic, this just looks like they adapted the current CX-5 to fit the new platform. It ends up looking like a bad copy of the CX-5. It seems very soft with zero personality. I really hope the US models look better. That front end alone is getting old now. After all these years.

Again, at least the CX-50 is trying…

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  1. Phew…thank goodness this isn't coming to the US. Here's hoping the gorgeous design of the CX50 makes its way to the CX70 and CX90.

  2. Maybe it's just this angle, but this looks way worse than any Mazda deserves to. If this is what Mazda means by moving upmarket, I prefer they don't and take their side vents with them.

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