2023 Subaru Solterra: Vs the Toyota bS45Xc45ZZ…

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The new Subaru Solterra is basically the exact same car as the new Toyota EV. 
I was actually surprised to discover a new front end. Subaru actually spent a little bit of money to make the new model look more like a Subaru.
And, I guess it works. It looks much busier than the Toyota. At least they didn’t give it a chrome grille. But otherwise, they added plenty of unnecessary lines all over the clean Toyota front end.
In true Subaru fashion.
I will see both next week at the L.A auto show. We pretty much know everything we need to know about these two. Except for the US range. Which should be a bit over 300 miles for the FWD version.
The big question mark left is the price.
Same thing with the Ioniq 5…


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  1. I would definitely go for the Subaru since it includes a door to access the receptacle to plug it in.

  2. Vince – Subaru is making the new EV in a FWD version?

    That would mean the second time they released a vehicle without AWD (the first being the BRZ coupe).

  3. The Toyota will be available with FWD for sure.
    The Subaru will offer FWD and AWD in Japan. But I think the US model could be AWD only.

    We'll know for sure next week at the Auto Show.

  4. Vince, this looks more like an Integra than that ugly yellow car shown by Acura a few days ago.

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