2023 VW ID.BUZZ: a look inside…

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From this recent spy shot on top, it is obvious the upcoming VW ID.BUZZ will not be getting its own interior design.
At least the dashboard part. Which looks almost exactly like the ID.4 and ID.5 
There seems to be nothing left of the futuristic concept interior (bottom). Even though that was introduced 5 years ago.
Maybe the rest of the dash (the part that is covered in the photo) looks new and could be closer to the pattern used in the concept. It would have been nice also to incorporate a volume knob somewhere. Anywhere. As the ID.4 has been criticized a lot for not having one (pretty much all the reviews I’ve seen)
As usual, it takes VW many, many years to admit a mistake…


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  1. I don't understand why you need a volume knob when you can easily adjust the volume using your steering wheel button. I find it quite redundant to have the volume knob and I've never used them while driving.

  2. To use the same exact cockpit as the ID.4/ID.5 is a bit of a mistake. We know VW did this to save money.

  3. the "futuristic" interior of the concept was tesla-cra-tastic. it looks like they actually maounted an ipad on a support. as ugly as it is, the id4 dash is a bit better than that….

  4. Let me just say that while everyone is super excited to have these LCD instruments, I just need to remind everyone that they are subject to cold temps. Get into the 20's and they start to fade and stop reacting until the entire vehicle interior is completely warmed. So what you get is tons of fade or no markings. Isn't that wonderful on an instrument panel, while you're driving to work. Just image what it'll be like to have the rear view mirrors all sent to LCD screens (its coming!)

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