2023/24 VW Golf: a very early illustration…

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I haven’t seen the new-generation VW GTI in person yet, and we already have an illustration of what the next Golf could look like…
The current, 8th generation VW Golf was revealed over 2 years ago, in October 2019. VW decided not to sell it in the US. Instead, choosing to only bring the GTI version over here. 
The new GTI has been available in the US for a little while, but as I said, I haven’t seen one yet.
Even after 2 years, trying to guess the next generation of anything is rather early. Unless there have been rumors of a very short life span for the current model for some reason.
Or maybe VW is in a hurry to transform their best-selling model into an EV as fast as possible. 
the illustration above shows the usual VW thinking: “the same a little more modern”.
Which has been working fine as far as the Golf is concerned, for many decades. 
It would be nice to see a return of the Golf EV in North America. I actually think an affordable, electric hatchback could be more popular here than the regular Golf. Plus, the market will be heating up with the arrival of the new, smaller EV from Tesla in a year or two. 
Why not…


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  1. Why would VW ever offer a Golf EV again? They already have the ID.3, which is nearly the same size and shape as the Golf. I think it is wishful thinking that there will even be a 9th generation of ICE Golf/GTI with the ID.3 GTX on the way..

  2. Even with that big "fat lip" bumper, I like it. Hopefully VW will keep that familiar "L" shape to the c-pillar/fender/door cut line. Please buy these Americans! They are smart, premium small cars that would great for most driving.

  3. ENG: Santa Tezzy Gülbahar Koçovali quotes: the ninth Generation A German Hatchback: wv Golf Mk9 !! It will NOT go into production Earlier than 2027 (Next decade) you misunderstood that it will go into production in 2023-2024 !! It's not like that!! If the future Vw Golf Mk9 Hatchback series arrives in production oh in 2027 (next Decade) this means that the current Vw Golf Mk8 in both Bodies will benefit from a first redesign of rejuvenation in 2023 and the second redesign will be in 2025 and only in 2027 7 years later the ninth (9) generation of the Vw Golf model will arrive in production, that's what I found out !!

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