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Acura has just introduced the “Integra Prototype”. Which is basically a slightly disguised 2023 model.

All we know so far is:

– Going on sale next year. (no dates yet)

– It will have a 6-speed manual available ( we knew that)

– It is powered by a 1.5 Liter Turbo. (probably from the Civic Si)

– And it will cost “around $30 000.

This is all pretty good news. I think the design is very nice. But that horrible color and graphics make it look cheap. I am sure it looks 100% better otherwise.

Not cheap, but it has to be above the Civic. So I guess a well-equiped model for “around $30 000” is fine.

Acura will release better photos, but we won’t find out anything more about the production model until next year. And just like that “Civic prototype” from next year, no idea what the interior looks like. But it will not be the same as the Civic. 

It doesn’t look like a Civic, and I think Acura did a great job here so far.


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  1. It looks more like the previous-gen Civic than the current Civic does.. perhaps an homage to the ILX being two generations behind? 😉

  2. Front end is too long. Also the cut line between the front of the hood and the grill leaves a lot to be desired in terms of fit and finish. Does not look low or lithe like the Integras of old, but then again modern safety requirements won't allow it. Would be nice if they just dropped the Accord 2.0T powertrain in, and keep it running on regular with the 10 speed auto as an option, like a VW GTI. Will reserve final judgement once I see in person in other colors without the tacky graphics.

  3. The stripe is hideous.

    The black grill in the profile makes the car look like the grill is missing and it's just a empty hole.

    Yellow "INSIDE" the exhaust tips?

    Paint the top half of the mirrors black to make the mirrors look like what?

    I'm a Honda Fan Boy and this thing looks stupid.

  4. Absolutely refreshing! Vince, can you do a side profile comparison between this and the Civic? I feel too many people will compare this with the Civic hatch since this is the first time we will have 4 door hatchbacks of both co-existing for the first time (aside from the tall 80s civic 4dr hatch which radically different from the Integra back then).

    A lot of people will want to know why they should get this over a Civic Touring. I think the answer will be that the Civic Si will be sedan only (The Type-R will remain a hatch….which means we won’t see an Integra Type-S unless it has something else that would make it special).

  5. Nobody clapped, so that's my answer also. So much was missed on this already. The front end is too upright like the Civic, including the hood lines. It would have been a runaway hit had it had its own styling like the previous ones did, even for being on the Civic chassis.

  6. Too much front overhang, at least it looks that way in the middle/side shot, and it's just nothing special. It wouldn't be on my list of wanna-haves. Can't you already get a Civic that flirts on either side of $30k? Is there anyone out there who just wants a fun, affordable car without touch screens, push button starters, push button brakes, traffic monitoring babysitter sh*t?

  7. What a disappointment. Looks so much like the Civic they had to slap on that awful INTEGRA graphic to clear things up. FAIL

  8. I know integra. I had one and you sir are no integra.
    BMW can take advantage of new light technology to retain their dual headlight signature, why couldn't Acura do something really retro with this thing?

    It looks the designer was either bringing back a Hyundai Genesis coupe or Christ Bangle's bmw 6 series.
    Hey Acura, all your products don't have to look like they're from the same discount lot.
    That is why the NSX is suffering…it doesn't look exclusive.

  9. Nobody F's up like Acura. This design language is over, and Acura is the only one that doesn't know that

  10. Looks really unspecial. Like everything else. Integras were different and exciting…until the sad RSX screwed that. They could have at least put the double wishbone front suspension in this turd and a real Integra rear taillight throwback. I won't even go to the dealership to check this out. And I didn't expect a 2dr.

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