Mazda CX-50: cool walk around video from Canada…

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Looks like this lucky Canadian guy got to see the all-new 2023 Mazda CX-50 in person. Before everyone else.
And talks about it (unfortunately, I cannot understand what he’s saying…)
Still. We do get a really good look at the new Mazda SUV. Inside and out. Which is cool…
I think the CX-50 looks just fine. And quite refined. But it’s really nothing new. I also still don’t get why this isn’t replacing the CX-5 right away. And, I hear the hybrid is still 2 years away (!) 
That is a very long time…
Mazda really needs to step up their game about hybrids and EVs. Otherwise, they might not be around (at least independent) for long…

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  1. The auto translation into English leaves a bit to be desired. Mandarin Chinese converts to English better than that.

    BUT, "Adventure Vehicle"? Is he serious? Which is why I mentioned auto translation.

  2. Hi Vince ,Vincent Aubey french car journalist from montreal is describing the new CX-5 at Mazda headquarter in Toronto.

  3. Mazda has some boring greenhouses. That greenhouse will age in 8 months because it is on a lot of CUVs today. Kia knows how to make groundbreaking greenhouses like Telluride and 2023 Sportage.

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