Mystery SUV: the US Honda HR-V for 2023?

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Most people seem to think the photos I posted a couple of days ago (HERE) could show the 2023 Honda HR-V.
The “global” version of HR-V has been redesigned a few months ago and is currently on sale in many countries. Including Europe.
Honda has claimed the US would be getting a different version with its own design.
They’ve also mentioned the US HR-V would have a slightly larger platform and a “more rugged” styling.
So maybe? It could be? Probably?

It’s even hard to compare the prototype with the global HR-V since they actually look so different. 

Sure, they could be related. Or not…
The prototype looks like such a generic design. That front end has zero Honda DNA. As a matter of fact, the whole thing seems to have zero DNA or personality. 
If it is the US HR-V, the good news will be the new Hybrid version. (2nd photo from the top)
Which comes standard in Europe. It uses a 1.5 Liter engine with a couple of small electric motors producing a bit over 130HP.
From personal experience, Honda Hybrids are excellent. I have experienced the Insight as well as the Accord Hybrid and actually think they should make their great hybrid powertrains standard in the US.

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  1. I was skeptical, but you may be right. It wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing if the HRV was slightly larger, as long as they used a multilink rear suspension. I'm looking forward to seeing this in the hybrid AWD form.

  2. The world version looks more sophisticated whereas this one (N.America) looks like it's meant for Burger King fans. It may be a Honda but I think it might be part of Acura's division by the round shape and unique taillamps and grille. Perhaps it might be an 'Integra SUV'? Either way, it's a Mazda CX-30 competitor.

  3. I like it, and I'd drive one. Maybe interior styling as nice as new Civic's? It won't be inexpensive, though nothing is now. But that's my problem.

  4. this thing about making models larger for the NA market makes me wonder if americans are actually larger human beings when compared to the average europeans…

  5. Are there any clear shots to show what state the plate is from? If it's Ohio, then suspect you're right.

  6. @Patrick, Ok ,not Pilot, and the CRV does not have that nose as we have seen from the spypics. I do not think Honda will change the nose that much from the ROW HRV, so I am not even sure this is a Honda product. Plus Acura has stated there will not be a CUV under the RDX.

  7. Like the look of this NA version. The Euro version looks like it is on stilts.The Civic design team must have been sent over to the HR-V dept.!

  8. Could be the new SUV for the Honda home market slotted between the Vezel (HR-V) and the CR-V. One writer suggested that may be called the ZR-V as recently trademarked in Australia. Hmm, could this ZR-V be the same vehicle as the North American 2023 HR-V?

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