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When Toyota revived the Supra a couple of years ago, there were a few rumors about doing the same for the MR2.
A new version of the beloved small sports car (which went through 3 generations between 1984 and 2007) got people pretty excited.
The rumors are resurfacing this week, with these new illustrations of a possible new mid-engine Toyota model.
The rumor also includes the possibility of a small 1.0 Liter Turbo engine. The platform and engine would be shared by Toyota partners Suzuki and Daihatsu. These two brands would also have a different exterior design from the Toyota version. 
A car like this could, of course, be a lot of fun. Especially if affordable like the old MR2 was. 
But it could also be seen as a big FU to the EV world. From a company that has been fighting against the current electrification wave.
Or, a last hurrah to the affordable and fun gas car.
No matter what, the market of r a mid-engine 2 seater is extremely limited these days.
No matter how affordable it is…


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  1. Do you know who illustrated these, they probably deserve some credit for their work? What random person they were found from? It looks like a mini Lamborghini. I quite like it but I know this would never happen. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. A mid engine ev car with the batteries mounted low and mid-ship could be really interesting. Could provide a really nice neutral handling chassis and optimum weight balance.

  3. Toyota couldn't be bothered to create it's own new Supra, and couldn't be bothered to create it's own affordable RWD chassis for the 86, so why would they decide to do a unique mid engine car? Especially since the future is EV and any new ICE car that comes out in the next couple years is going to be a dead end.

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