2023 Chevrolet tax: new photos…

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 Apparently, these spy shots above show the next-generation Chevrolet Trax for 2023.

When the new Trailblazer came out a couple of years ago, GM had mentioned it wasn’t a replacement for the Trax. Which is pretty weird since, as you can see in the screengrab above from the Chevrolet site, they are basically the same price. A new Trax would have to be cheaper. Unless they move the Trailblazer upmarket a bit by getting rid of the base model for next year.

Either way, that new Trax looks more like of these “Coupe SUV” offered by many German maufacturers. Which could help the Trax by giving it a bot of personality.

I guess…

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  1. Oh look!! Another failure from GM!! At least they are consistently terrible. #pleasegooutofbusiness

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