2023 Genesis G90: let’s compare grilles…

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While I really hate huge grilles on cars, some are less offensive than others.
 I think the new 2023 G90 has the best grille design of all current Genesis models. 
So there…
It is rounder and thinner than others, and is just quite a bit less obnoxious.
Even though something more subtle would still be welcome…

I also think the GV80 SUV (to) has the worst one. It only came out last year and already seems old next to the G90’s grille. And, in a real-life, it just looks huge and disproportionate.
The G80 sedan (bottom) is a bit better. But also immediately aged after seeing the new G90.

The GV70 SUV’s front end does look a lot mroe moern than the larger GV80. Also much more rounded. And, at least, the main grille doesn’t “invade” the lower vent.
This is not the case with the revised G70 sedan (bottom).
Still, the more rounded shape of the G70’s grille is more pleasant. At least to me.
What do you think? Which one is your favorite grille?


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  1. The G90 is probably the best execution of the current Genesis grille design language, but all of them give the impression that the engine is a caged animal. Lol

  2. seeing them like this, you realize how different they actually are in spite of Genesis trying to have a "family" look to all their cars. The actual shape of the grill is quite different… G90 and G70 are very similar, while the other 3 vehicles have similar shaped (look at the angle near the headlights) grilles. Agree with Vince that GV80 looks most dated, it's probably due for a mid-cycle refresh to bring it in line with the softer look.

    Out of all of these, I actually like the G80 and the GV70. The G80 is striking in real life, unfortunately few of them on the road. I've had one as a loaner while my G70 was being serviced, it's an amazing car and value. But everyone wants SUVs nowadays..

    The G90 looks good and different, can't wait to see the interior. I drove the current G90,felt very solid, reminded me of old Mercedes-Benz S-Class. On the design front, I do find the jutting "chin grille" an bit much, weird how they incorporated 2 places for sensors in it.. on the other cars, the sensors are mounted higher on the main grille, out of harm's way.

    one interesting note… NONE of these cars have fog lights. The LED headlights are great though there were a few times I wished my 1st gen G70 had (yellow) foglights as well..

  3. I’m wondering if Genesis is purposely pulling in the “G70 as a baby G90” vibe like Mercedes does with the C-class and S-class. I do like the GV70’s the best, but the two ov Ryan’s of the hood over the front clip is strange, considering the 2nd gen Kia Soul did the same thing on the sides of the hood.

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