2023 Genesis G90 LWB: Vs. Mercedes S-Class Maybach…

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At least in Korea, the new Genesis G90 will be available with a long-wheelbase version.
Where the rear door is about 12 inches longer. 
While I do like the design of the new G90, the LWB model looks a bit goofy and disproportionate.
I think Mercedes did a much better job with the Maybach version of the S-Class.
Which does look much more premium than the regular S-Class.
As it should be for $186 000. Which is a huge premium over the S-Class.
It’s a different story inside. Where, just like the Genesis, the Maybach just looks like a longer version of the car it is based on. Not much more.
And, I must say, the new G90 LWB does a great job at looking super luxurious. I think it gets really close to the Maybach.
The current Genesis starts at around $73 000. No matter how much the LWB packages adds to that, you can be sure it will be way below $186 000.
In the US, the market for a big luxurious Koren sedan is still very limited. No matter how good it is. That’s why the LWB model will probably not leave Korea. 

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  1. As much as I love what Genesis has been doing, from the profile photos you shared, I prefer how the Mercedes looks. Visually it looks nicer with the window and D-pillar. I also prefer it's rear from the side here. The LWB window on the G90 seems like it's missing something after the B-pillar. It's too long without something there.
    I never understood the dorky two tone color on the Mercedes. Get rid of that. Both are elegant and beautiful. But simply from the side angle, in my opinion, Mercedes still wins on this comparison. Interior, I think visually the Genesis looks prettier.

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