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It’s alive!
This is actually a pretty boring video. (Mostly narrated by people with very strong accents and sometimes hard to understand).
And it is probably a lot of PR BS anyway, showcasing Stelantis as the best company in the world etc…
But at around the 5 minutes 15 seconds mark, you do get a very good look at the Airflow concept.
And it does look very, very nice. Let’s hope they can find a way to get this to the market before 2024. 
It is also pretty cool to see Chrysler being part of this truly international company.
There seems to be an international will to revive the brand. 
 A brand that used to not only be a major player in North America but around the world. In Europe alone they used to sell very popular cars through Simca and Sunbeam for decades. 
But Chrysler Europe was bought by Peugeot in 1978. Peugeot then rebadged some Chrysler models but ended up dumping the whole thing in 1987 (Why even buy it in the first place???)
Now, oddly enough, Peugeot, through Stelantis, seems to be again in charge of Chrysler.
Let’s hope it works this time…

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  1. If the US (English speaking) owners way back when weren't such a ClusterEph, maybe you'd be able to understand them better. This is what happens with decades of head up butt syndrome.

    it's nice but the greenhouse is copy off the Subaru Soltera's greenhouse. Same exact A pillars to C pollars and the chrome making it look floating.

    At least the Ionic 5, and EV6's greenhouse aren't copying each other and they share the same platform.

    All you have to do is remove the Subaru Soltera's C Pillar and "bam" you have this Chrylser.

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