Toyota EV invasion: the larger SUV clones…

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Of course, Toyota will also offer a larger 3 row SUV as part of their new EV lineup. 
While the Lexus version of the Toyota b4 YWXZ has its own design, it won’t be the same for the larger model.
As you can see above, the Lexus model will be the same car as the Toyota. With a Lexus front end. Which is weird. Since Toyota has, so far, always made sure that Lexus models would get their own design.
I guess, even for Toyota, all these new EVs are hugely expensive to develop. And for the first time, that new Lexus will just have to be a Toyota with a Lexus front end.
Although there is still hope for a new interior…
Both of these look much more conservative than the recent Hyundai 7/Kia EV9 concepts.


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  1. All of these look great and they will sell every one they make.

    People always give Tesla crap for unrealistic launch dates but toyota will suffer the same fate. There's already a 2-3 year wait for the Rav4 PHEV. These won't be in the hands of consumers in any scale until 2027…

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