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It looks like the 2023 Acura Integra interior could be a letdown if you expected a brand new design. Or a nice surprise if you expected the Civic interior in an Acura body.

As it is a bit of a mix. In some ways it is different, but many parts are the same.

After my test drive of the hatchback version last week, I was expected the Acura to at least have a different, wider, and lower screen. Like other Acura models. From these new photos, it looks like it will use the exact same screen as the Honda. Same for the steering wheel.

The doors are also mostly the same. Even the door handles. The AC controls also look like they are just carried over from the Civic. The best news is that at least they will offer another interior color than “all black”.

The Acura version will start at around $30 000, which is the price of a loaded Civic hatch Sport Touring. Not sure what will come standard in the Acura, but we’ve already seen that it won’t offer a panoramic roof like other Acuras. Whatever stereo they put in there won’t be that much better than the great 12 speaker Bose system in the Honda. The exact same drive train and a lot of similar interior bits.

I really love the idea of a new Integra. A “compact” 4 door hatch is so refreshing. I am just not sure it will be worth the extra over the already very good Honda…


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  1. I was really hoping this wouldn’t happen. What a step backwards in a world where you can can now get a Feature packed Civic.

  2. I just realized, this is a stand-in for an Si hatchback. That’s all this is. That’s how they’re going to make it work.

  3. First – THIS IS AN ASPEC TRIM. look at the bottom of the steering wheel. With that in mind…

    NO ACURA SEATS – Those seats have additional shoulder padding, but it's the current Civic seat with a new color and stitching pattern. They didn't use the current Acura seat, and therefore it won't get the alcantara and ventilation…only heating.

    NO ACURA PRECISION INTERIOR – Too much of the same door cards, center stack controls, mesh grills air vents with toggles… all is exactly the same as the Civic. No precision concept dash layout either. Even the infotainment screen is last gen Honda.

    I get why they started with the Civic. I get why they went with the 4dr hatch. I get why they chose the Civic Si drivetrain (maybe with some slight retune). But after their disaster of an intro for the body… to not attempt to give it SOME of the precision cockpit.. Compare the high res images! The current ILX interior (with a good center console update) looks more luxury-Sport focused than this.

    Not a bad car, but when too many bad decisions on development directions are made, it dooms a car. Look at the TLX. Even the MDX is now so anonymously Buick-like and less high end than its predecessor, that I believe those are both doomed for sales failure. Even the double wishbones (the right direction for those cars) can't save the mounting failures in design and packaging. TLX – overweight, cramped interior, slow, low fuel economy, design language that isn't aging well… and now, poor sales. These mounting bad decisions, as single issues, don't spell problems for the Integra, but when mounded up on top of each other spells bad things for the brand.

    I think it's time the enthusiast community start calling for Jon Ikeda to step down. He's now had three vehicles completely under his control… not just revisions on existing vehicles (like the ILX). I'm sad to say I believe Honda should either replace him or dissolve Acura entirely.

  4. I'm giving Acura an 'A' for Absolutely No Effort on this interior.

    I gave Acura a 'B' for Badly-Executed Sophomoric Design for the exterior.

    They just can't stop the winning. Or making excuses for their cars.

    This is why a low mileage 2000 Acura Integra has a bid on BAT for >$100,000.

  5. I never thought Honda would resort to parts bin Honda parts. I understand their intention is probably to make a cheap, entry level Acura, but at least make an effort to design original controls and a unique steering wheel! They’re losing their mojo.

  6. I'll reserve final judgement until I see the production version in person. The Integra was always based on the Civic. First generation came as a 2 or 5 door liftback, then in later iterations a 2 door liftback or sedan. Really do not see the fuss over this argument as being something new when it isn't. That being said, the older versions of the car looked different enough from the Civic to have its own identity. When the current Civic hatchback is shown next to the Integra prototype from the exact same angle, tis obvious the differentiation will be much less, from a styling perspective. Looks like what GM did in the 80s and 90s when all their same size cars from different divisions looked the same from the side profile. As an option, hoping they drop in the 2.0T with the 10 speed auto from the Accord so it makes 252 HP on regular gas. The power to weight ratio would be killer if they can manage the torque steer— or add SH-AWD. Tis basically plug & play from the corporate parts bin, so would not be that difficult to do. Just hoping whatever they do will be enough to justify the extra cost over a Civic while maintaining attainability. I'm sorta of neutral on the prototype, but we all understand modern crash standards make a low & lithe vehicle with an open & airy greenhouse like the older versions almost impossible to do at this price point. Production version will hopefully look better without the tacky decal and a different color. Hope they bring back teal green that was popular in the 90's. So sick of 10 shades of silver or gray…

  7. Good eye noticing the A-Spec!

    Non-A-Spac Acuras have that great looking open-pore wood trim.
    I wonder if the dash grey plastic trim will be replaced by wood trim in the "regular" versions.
    Either way, this just doesn't fit any other Acura interiors at all.

    maybe it looks fantastic in real life?

  8. re: Honda's most recent entertainment?
    Nah. It takes almost 30 seconds to boot from turning the engine one. Sit and count that out…waiting, waiting….. and think about it. They boosted the apps but this is the same old laggy Honda OS, with a fresh face added so you'll think it's an upgrade. It's just not competitive in this day n age.

  9. I wouldn't expect this Integra to follow the current Acura trim levels inclusion of real wood and real metal. They didn't put the Acura seats in it (they're recovered current Civic seats), so I expect trims levels to be similar to what we see on Civic: 1 engine option, FWD only. Base, Premium, A-spec – the way they're doing ILX now (no Advance trim). Keep in mind, this will bump its head against the lower TLX model pricing. And there's likely not enough features they can add to make four trim levels.

  10. That infotainment is current gen not last gen? The civic is the most recent Honda product and has the newest system so what are you talking about?

  11. Spot on with everything you said here. Acura could have made the return of the Integra truly special, but failed in a huge way. If it was my money, the Civic Touring 6spd Hatch would easily seal the deal, despite not being branded an Acura.

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