2023 Buick Encore GX: new photos…

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It seems the Buick Encore GX is due for a mid-cycle facelift.
Although from these photos, it seems it will be a very mild one.
I actually cannot see what the difference is between the camouflaged prototype caught in Korea, and the current production model.
Can you see anything new?


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  1. Maybe it's hiding a modernized Buick face (grille), as with the Buick Flagship GL8 Concept or the illustration of the 2023 Buick Electra you showed. (I thought the latter looks more like a refresh of the Buick Envision, just with the latest grille).

  2. I've driven a Buick as a rental. One of the worst little cars from GM currently. I can't imagine the Chevy version being any better.

  3. Is it possible these photos are of an electric version of the Encore GX? Shouldn't there be exhaust tips showing in the back?

  4. looks like just the lens' and maybe they are doing something with the grille… trying to integrate the insignia?

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