2023 Hyundai Sonata: new illustration…

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I really hope this illustration of a 2023 “Facelifted” Hyundai Sonata is wrong. 

I don’t remember anyone complaining about the cool LED design that runs into the fenders. The fish face, yes. many complained about that. And the illustration doesn’t really fix it. But the LED?

Plus, more chrome isn’t usually the way to look more modern…

I am sure Hyundai has some changes in store for the Sonata next year. But let’s hope they are better than this.


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  1. Thank God that's just a horrible rendering, it from ok to horrible monstrosity. They are supposedly retrying the Le Fil Concept, but with it looking far closer to the concept that everyone wanted. If they are smart they'll move the Sonata slightly upmarket, considering most markets don't get the Azera/Granduer. They could also offer AWD on the 2.5T and not follow VW with all black interiors, which alienates alot of buyers.

  2. I saw this rendering a few days ago. It was someone with photoshop skills trying to improve the design and has nothing to do with Hyundai corp.

  3. Hyundai's mistakes with the Sonata design: #1 is the undeniable fugly front grill, #2 is the side character line that curves down too much too quickly behind the rear fender, making it look droopy in a non-linear way which conveys uncanny vibes visually, #3 "cutting" the signature chrome line into halves ( 1/2 LED + 1/2 chrome) making it look flimsy and chintzy. One solid chrome piece without the LED would have been much better.

  4. Evan – Fact? where did you hear that? I hope so. This generation of the Sonata is a gross disaster!

  5. I hope so! Getting rid of the Sonata’s signature chrome line after 3 generations would be unfortunate.

  6. He read it last year in almost every site covering the automotive world. They've been talking about it since the end of 2020, because it sold far less in the home market than the Grandeur and K5–where Sonata is the national car.

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