2023 KIA Niro: US version caught on video…

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The all-new generation 2023 Kia Niro was just caught testing in the US.

Not sure which version this is. The current model is offered as a Hybrid, PHEV, or pure EV.
All versions have been confirmed for the 2023 model.
All we know so far is about the Hybrid model Which will come with a 139 1.6 Liter engine. Which is the same as the current one. Although MPG should improve.
Let’s hope both the PHEV and EV have improved specs. The current PHEV version only has 26 miles of electric range.
While the pure EV gets 239 miles> which would be OK if it wasn’t priced at $40 000.
The price of the 2023 EV version should be much lower…
I think the new Niro looks really good in the video below. Sure, that C-pillar isn’t for everyone. But I think the whole thing works and gives it tons of personality.
Thanks to a reader (Mike. S) for this!

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  1. Must be the hybrid, because the EV version (not sure about the PHEV) has the charging port in the center of the fascia that creates a different look for that faux "grille" at the top, according to photos of the already unveiled int'l version.

  2. Strangely at a quick passing glance, that first photo of it's rear reminds me of a 1999 (first gen) Ford Focus hatch in the US. ;D

    The car looks alright. Even with the wild design cues, it's not that crazy. I must be getting desensitized to this kind of look.

  3. All I see in the rear is the 1st gen Ford Focus hatchback. The rest of it looks "ok." They probably should call the EV version the EV5.

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