2023/24 Ford Mustang: 1st spy shots…

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We finally get to see a little bit of the next-generation Ford Mustang.
Which used to be scheduled as a 2023 model, but could now be 2024 (who knows really…)
Great to see anything about Ford’s last real car in the US. Early rumors from a few years ago were mentioning a lower version of the RWD platform from the Explorer was going to be used.
Now, there are rumors it is actually a revised version of the current platform.
So, again, who knows…It’s great to see the classic RWD proportions have been retained. With a super long hood.
Although the whole thing seems very similar to the current car. The rear end looks a bit odd. But I think the car pictured above could actually be a prototype of the convertible version. Which would also explain the flatter trunk shape.
Either way, I am sure Ford will do a good job. I just hope the interior doesn’t include that huge vertical screen from the Mach-E. Something more integrated and a bit more retro would fit the “real” Mustang much better.
Engines are rumored to be 48V mild-hybrid versions of the current 2.3 Liter and 5.0 Liter engines since nobody is engineering all-new engines these days. (Except Mazda maybe)
A full hybrid or maybe even a PHEV is also rumored to be in the cards.
By the time it comes out, they might even have to offer an EV version as well. 
No matter what, a new Mustang is always good news!


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  1. I know the claims are it's going to be a next generation, but I'm wondering if it's going to be more like a heavy refresh. Mustang isn't selling that well at least last year. Dodge Challenger has beat both the mustang and Camaro for at least 2 years now in sales.

  2. I have a dozen friends in various countries in Europe who all say the Mustang is a very desirable car there. It has an exotic style with some serious but refined grunt that is popular at a more reasonable price than some pedigrees. Two other friends in Egypt and Turkey who say the car is a status symbol to their peers. All but a couple of my buds think the Camaro and the "other one" are cartoonish and obnoxious. I agree.

  3. Overall the Challenger is a better seller the last few years. 2021 saw the mustang sales crater. Camaro has been the worst seller for the last half decade. I know this car is heavily masked, but this point it looks like it's still just a refresh eternal full on new model. We'll see what happens.

  4. The Mustang is a nice car, but when it comes down to it, the oldest design, the Dodge Challenger, is the successful one right now. It has had one design refresh meanwhile the Mustang and Camaro have required several just to remain relevant. lol. The Challenger has remained timeless, while the Camaro and Mustang both get dated. I am impressed with the longevity of the Challenger. I think I will take the Challenger.

  5. For me, the last ''new-retro'' Mustang i like and still desire is the 2014 Mustang GT.
    I like how it looks chunky, hunkered down. The interior was still relatively cheap in 2014, with lots of hard black plastics. I mean it looked okay to look at from the driver's seat, but cheapy materials. The 2015 model year had an exterior and interior redesign , but i would of liked a 2014 with a 2015 interior.
    Lastly, i know it is a muscle car and basically a two seater….too bad ford could not design the interior with enough rear leg room and headroom for two full size adults to sit back there in comfort. But i guess it be as large and long as the Dodge Challenger, plus slower and heavier. I think it could be done in such a way it still kept the mustang design. Otherwise it is really just is a two seater muscle car.
    These Mustangs remind me of the Jeep Wrangler. Cool looking vehicles that seem to around since the dawn of time. Everybody wants one or knows somebody who owned one.
    And they cost a small fortune. Spec out a brand new Mustang or Wrangler, next thing you know….$45k-$55Kplus…..at least here in Canada. I imagine even more moolah in Australia and other countries.

  6. How many changes have the mustang and Camaro had meanwhile the Dodge Challenger has had only two and remains the most relevant to this day? And kudos to dodge for keeping the oldest vehicle the most relevant and being the best seller for the last 2 years. I am curious how this new mustang will look but from what we see here it doesn't look like it changes that much. And I believe the Camaro is on borrowed time.

  7. There is an article on Automotive News it goes in depth about why the Challenger is winning the pony wars. And it isn't just barely winning it is dominating the sales. An interesting read if you are able to see it.

  8. That's ignorant BS. Try and learn what an automotive "refresh" is, two, 2019 and 2020 were Mustang years. 2021 was shifting of resources to newer truck products. American Chrysler has next to no models, compared to Ford.

  9. That's amazing. Very good feedback to hear, in better understanding how the Mustang is received globally.

    Sounds like GM is ditching an ICE Camaro, to possibly be able to sell these nameplates abroad as BEVs. Ditto for Stellantis, as only we have made leeway with an ICE performance offering in Mustang and past international regulations.

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