2023/34 Mitsubishi ASX: new teaser…

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Remember the Mitsubishi ASX? Me neither…

The only new Mitsubishi we’ve seen in the past few years is the new Outlander. Apparently, this next-generation ASX will be based on  Renault platforms. Like all upcoming Mitsubishi models sold in Europe. 

Not sure yet if this will come over here as a replacement for the current ASX. (Which came out back in 2010!)

So far, it looks quite modern on this new teaser. But also, quite different from the Outlander design language. Actually quite the opposite of the super square and overdone look of its larger brother.

We’ll see…


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  1. The ASX is called the Outlander Sport here, in case people don’t know what the “current ASX” is

  2. Not much to say here until we see it fully. Mitsubishi dealerships are so far and view between but their buyer base is very loyal. Would love to see Mitsubishi make a comeback in the US but it seems so unlikely.

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