Alpha Sega Estate: 1st EV wagon…

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I think this all-new Electric Wagon from Alpha looks pretty fantastic. 
It is based on the equally great-looking sedan we saw last November (bottom pic)
Some of the specs are also quite impressive (at least the very few we have)
Like a range of over 300 miles from an 85kWh battery pack. But it takes about an hour to get an 80% charge. Which is not great these days. And almost twice as long as recent EVs.
Price could start between $45 000 and $55 000 before incentives. (That’s pretty vague for a “starting price”) And that’s about it.
Alpha is a start-up. did some research on the company (HERE)
Unfortunately, it sounds a lot like many other startups we have seen over the years… They don’t even have working prototypes yet.
Which is really too bad. An electric wagon like the one above would be great.
And the off-road version looks like what an electric Outback should look like if Subaru had good designers. And the retro futuristic-looking interior looks really good and quite original these days (Except for the stupid screen)
Let’s hope they do get some financing. These would be really fun to see around…


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