Chrysler Airflow Concept: good and bad…

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The Chrysler Airflow concept has finally been unveiled officially. And it is, as we’ve seen before, a nice-looking EV.
The specs are fine, with a projected range of 350 to 400 miles. Based on an all-new EV platform called STLA. And fast charging etc… Which is all fine.
What is not fine, is the 2025 release date for a production version. While the Concept looks fine, it doesn’t look better or more modern than a Hyundai Ioniq 5 or Kia EV6. Or even the Mustang Mach E. I’m afraid that in 3 years, this will not look modern at all. But just OK.
The Kia EV6 already has much nicer proportions. 
If it doesn’t look super modern it’s just because it’s not. As we first saw a version of the Airflow concept 2 years ago (HERE)
As for the range, I am sure that by that time, many of its competition will also offer over 350 miles.
While I really love the idea of “finally” seeing a new modern Chrysler. I am afraid this will just be filed under “too little too late’. Unless they quickly add more models to the lineup right after this one.


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  1. Does the Airflow look any more modern than a 2015 Chrysler 200? They look like they could be on sale at the exact same time, but are really 10 years apart. Is this the styling left over from the Chrysler crossover we were supposed to get years ago?

  2. I'd suggest it's a place holder the big news was the link with Amazon.
    Fleet sales are up.
    I'd also suggest all the content providers will line up to have a subscription service for Jeep' glove box. Too bad this isn't the new Grand.

  3. Where is the Landau vinyl half roof?!
    Where are the wire wheel covers and white walls?!
    …Padded Velour bench seats…
    …Big chrome grills and hood ornaments… (yuck, I know)

    This thing looks fantastic, and you are right, it could be from any maker from anywhere as current production… as generic as can be.

    If I were in charge, I'm thinking some kind of shared large Citroen platform would make Stellantis sense and ignite passion…

  4. It looks nice! kind of a mix of the Buick Electra up front, and Porsche Panamera-inspired taillights?

  5. A nice looking vehicle which won't really be outdated by 2025. Vince, I disagree about the Kia EV6 having better proportions. The EV6 looks like it was designed by the Mitsuoka team after too many sakis.

  6. This looks nice. And it has some cues to the beautiful Chrysler 200 redesign in 2015. If they get rid of the gimmick steering wheel, and that really ugly rotary shifter inside that looks like glass or something? This is a very nice looking vehicle and I think a step forward for Chrysler and I like the rear and the front. Though I'm not a huge fan of where the d pillar is. Overall I'm excited to see what Chrysler can do and I hope the brand succeeds.

  7. I really like it. Strengthen up some design cues and I'm in.

    Plus, does anyone really think Stellantis isn't stupid and they are going to beat everyone to market with an electric minivan?

    I don't consider VW's entry, which seems to be coming soon, to be in the same league as current minivans.

    A 400 mile Pacifica, please. In orange.

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