Honda Civic Hatchback test drive: coming soon…

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I am driving the hatchback version of the new Civic this week. And will report when I’m done.

As usual, feel free to ask any questions you might have. 

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  1. Vince, would you comment on the seat comfort? That is one thing about the last Civic/current CRV – it feels like the seat cushion thickness got a lot thinner and I found those seats uncomfortable for extended sitting periods.

    Honda def needs to accept that their road noise levels are only acceptable for 10 years ago. And that the Civic (not just Insight) needs to get a hybrid, like the Accord did. More powerful in Civic/Civic Hatch, and super miser in the Insight.

  2. My favorite 2022 Civic body style by far after seeing them on the road. Can't wait to see the new Type R.

  3. – Road noise isn't the best
    But it's actually not that bad. (Or maybe this is the 3rd 2022 Civic I drive and I'm getting used to it?)

    – To me, the seat comfort is great. Just came back from a long drive to the desert and it's been very comfortable. Although, like most cars, the headrest is a bit too far back no matter what.

    – A Hybrid version is coming pretty soon. But not sure if it will be available with the hatchback or not.

    – The seating position is the same as the sedan I drove a while ago. Which might be a little bit low for people used to a crossover. But not for me. (Since I don't drive a crossover…)

  4. I am driving the Sport Touring model. Which comes with a 1.5 Liter Turbo.
    And a 6-speed manual.

    So far, the whole thing is excellent…

  5. Can it fit three 25 inch Sampsonite Spinner Luggage bags in the cargo area? My 2017 Ford Escape can't do that without lowering one side of rear seats.

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