2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale: here it is!

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Here are the very first photos of the production version of the Alfa Romeo Tonale.
As previously mentioned, the design stayed very close to the good-looking concept from 2019.
To me, the only thing missing is a chrome trim around the windows. Which I am sure is available in some versions.
The interior is a bit of a letdown. Especially when compared to the concept. The production version seems pretty convoluted. With tons of clashing shapes and trims. The end result might be fine in real life, but so far, this looks like a mess.
As I mentioned a few days ago, the 1.3 Liter Turbo from the Fiat 500X will be used as the base engine. With 130 or 160HP. But if you look closely at the 7th pic (2nd from bottom), it mentions a 256HP version for “regional availability”. Which almost certainly means North America.
As 130 or even 160HP will not cut it over here in a “luxury” brand.
The best one could be the 275HP PHEV version. With a 50 miles EV range. Although that probably means under 40 miles in the US cycle, it would still be quite decent.
We’ll have to wait just a little bit longer to see and learn more. Especially about the US version.


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  1. Really like it although yeah the interior might be a bit old school nowadays. Must be hard for Alfa to have to design mostly SUVs nowadays to attempt to get some market share

  2. Reminds me a lot of the Stelvio from the side. It's fine. I do like the rear tail lights. And the front end with the more lowered headlight lids reminds me of Alpha designs from the '90s.

  3. Yawn. This advances beyond the Stelvio design wise in no appreciable way. They look like they basically came out at the same time, not six years apart…

  4. The design is nice but seems a bit outdated. Like it should’ve been on sale two years ago.

  5. The design is nice but seems a bit outdated. Like it should’ve been on sale two years ago.

  6. Honestly, it looks like a new Mazda to me. Or maybe even an old Mazda that they never imported to the US. I hope they don't expect folks to pay much for an old Mazda with a FIAT engine. The only way folks will actually know for sure that it is an Alfa Romeo is when part of the SUV falls off as they go around a curve on the initial test drive.

  7. like the Alfa styling elements, lights, grille, phone dial wheels, not crazy about the huge front overhang. the side shot makes it look goofy, like an econobox. The proportions are off.

    the interior is MOST disappointing. A weird mix of traditional Alfa instrument binnacles and a super generic center stack and a tacked on screen. as if different parts of the dashboard were designed by different individuals that never talked to each other

    as others said, this should have been on sale in 2019 not 2023

    power-wise, for a lux brand, this needs to have the 256HP engine in the US. Let's see the electric range and… pricing!

    lots of competition, especially Acura, Genesis, Lexus… the Tonale needs to be priced right and optioned to compete

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