2023 Maserati Grecale Vs.Levante: new photos…

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As I mentioned earlier, this is a bit puzzling. Maserati seems to have designed the upcoming Grecale to look almost exactly like the larger Levante. 

Something that has been working for Audi, BMW, and Mercedes for years. One design in different sizes. It does work. When that one design is popular, to begin with.

The Levante is not a popular SUV at all. At least in the US. Maserati sells about half as many as the “rare’ Toyota Land Cruiser. And about 10 times less (!!!) than the Range Rover. (That’s TEN times!)

In that case, it seems really strange and misguided to just copy the same design for the all-new model. Will that many people love it now, as a less expensive, smaller version?



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  1. I have to agree. Why? It also might have to do with their very small dealership or footprint? A lot of people still don't realize Maserati is even in the US. That is up to Stellantis to improve that marketing. I like the Levante's headlights better than the Grecale. Maserati also has some bad names… Grecale? Ghibli? Yuck!

  2. Nothing about this screams luxury or expensive. It has awkward proportions like the Tonale, the front looks like a Ford Puma and the rear light treatment is on a hundred different cars (including the Skoda Kamiq advert I'm seeing on this post)

  3. I guess I understand why Alfa Romeo is making an attempt to return. Kind of. and not based upon their designs at all.. those seem out of touch. But Masterati and Jaguar are the brands I keep expecting to go belly up – yet here they are again… with more outdated designs.

  4. Not only is the Levante-like design not a popular or particularly attractive one, let's see a comparison between the Grecale and the Alfa Romeo Stelvio.. because in most dealerships they will be sitting right alongside each other, and I'm guessing that will negatively impact Grecale sales as well.

  5. The Levante is an absolute joy to drive, especially since one views it as an SUV but it has the power of Maserati. I love my Levante, I love how it looks and how it handles. I also love the fact that not many people are familiar with the vehicle or the brand, there is something cool about having a vehicle that everyone isn't familiar with than being like everyone else around (like the countless Range Rovers and Escalades I see all over town) Maserati is meant to be rare, hell it is their tagline…Rarely Seen Always Heard. I constantly am getting compliments on my car.

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