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The illustration above looks really good. And gives us hope for a really great new luxury electric sedan from Cadillac.
Except it doesn’t match the teasers GM released last year. The front end in the teasers is different. With the light units going all the way to trim below the hood. And the photo from the top shows the same rear lights as the ones in the Lyriq. Actually, the whole shape on that view looks exactly like the Lyriq.
Which is not a good sign. While the Lyriq is fine, the new sedan should really be more different than a lowered SUV.
Maybe GM did show the Lyric on the photo?
I guess the new sedan will probably cost more than the SUV it is based on. At some point, Cadillac was talking about a top-of-the-line EV costing over $100 000. Which I think would be a mistake.
But something about $10 000 more than the Lyriq to start would really have a chance.
A $70 000 (to start)  alternative to the Tesla Model S, Lucid Air, and Mercedes EQS could have a chance.


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  1. Looks sleek. But it's just some random person's rendering so it isn't real. Makes no sense to act like this is real.

  2. Supposedly the Celestiq was designed before the Lyriq and was originally going to be an ICE model. Also, it won’t be a sedan. It will be hatchback similar to the Model S.

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