MG Cyber E: new MG SUV coming soon…

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MG is, of course, not what MG used to be. Since the old British brand is now owned by Chinese manufacturer SAIC. (Since 2007)
They’ve actually been selling cars back in England since 2011. And are expecting to sell over 120 000 units in Europe this year. 
Apparently, this new Cyber E model is their first “global car”. Not sure if that means North America or not, but it does mean more than Europe.
So far, the actual prototypes caught driving around look more like a hatchback than a crossover/SUV.
Kind of like the Subaru Impressa hatch. Which can turn into the Crosstrek with just a few modifications.
Maybe that’s what MG is planning for the new EV. Either way, I think it already looks better than the Alfa Romeo Tonale we just saw a few days ago…

This is an MG ad from 1980. The last year they sold a car in the US.

Not sure what the current MG plans are (They do include some fancy electric coupe) but they need to come up with a retro-designed EV based on the one above.

Just look at it…

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