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I was just mentioning the upcoming MG Cyber E Crossover/SUV/Hatchback thing, just last week. With patent and spy photos.
Now we have a video teaser of the real thing. And what we can see so far looks really good.
MG has been selling cars in Europe again for over 10 years. And growth has been quite impressive. From a total of just 374 cars back in 2009 to 54 000 last year.
This new model is expected to grow the total number to 120 000. 
Which is totally believable.
Their current offerings in Europe aren’t that fantastic right now. Although they are almost all EVs, except for one PHEV. They all look pretty blah except the newer Marvel R. 
All of them look a bit generic. But as you can see, this next model just looks pretty fantastic.
But this new lower, sportier and much more modern looking model is just what they need to increase sales in Europe.
I have to add that something like this would also be welcome here.
The only really affordable EVs in North America are the Chevy Bolt and Nissan Leaf. 
One is plagued with battery problems and the other is saddled with aging tech.
We are mostly left with the $34 000 Kona EV. (And hopefully, the next Kia Niro EV will be priced lower than the current $40 000)
We really need more choices in the lower price range. I guess the upcoming $30 000 Chevy Equinox EV could end up getting a huge part of the market.
Still, that little MG does look pretty good…

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