Toyota Crown: coming to the US soon?

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There are a few weird things about this.
The photo above shows (supposedly) what’s coming to the US from Toyota. 
We’ve already seen everything. Except for the Corolla GR and Corolla Cross Hybrid. 
But we know these are coming to our market.
The question mark is the Crown. As the Toyota Crown is a large RWD sedan that has never been sold in the US. The current generation came out in 2018 and a new generation is indeed rumored to be coming out soon.
The Camry and Corolla still sell very well for Toyota (313,795 and 223,215 sold last year)
But I cannot imagine Toyota adding another large sedan to their US lineup. 
The Avalon sold only about 18 000 units last year. It is obvious that Toyota has enough sedans in the US with the Corolla and Camry.
The illustration above also shows some kind of a raised-up AWD sedan as the next Crown.
I guess the idea could be to offer a raised AWD sedan above the Camry to replace the slow-selling Avalon over here???
None of it makes much sense. I thought they might use the name “Crown” as a new trim for one of their US models. But the list above just says “Crown”. 
This is all very strange. 
What do you think?


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  1. I think this will be exciting to see play out. With manufacturers continuing to discontinue sedans in favor of SUVs, it truly doesn't make sense that after all these years of the Crown being in production, that they choose this year as the year to introduce it into our market. Unless of course, it will be fully electric and in order to fill that gap, they will simply transfer the model here as it is, in order to better compete with more established EVs. I am even more excited to see the Corolla GR though.

  2. I don't see them bringing the crown to the US. But heck I have no idea. I wish we would have the crown but not as a raised vehicle like this with clotting. I like the elegant luxurious versions of the past.

  3. According to Wikipedia the Fourth generation Crown (S60/S70; 1971) achieved few sales in the US, only the first two years were imported to the US, where it was the last Crown to be sold.

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