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Here it is, the new 2023 Acura Integra. And the best part of it is its name. Followed by the hatchback. (4 door sedans with a hatch are more than rare these days in North America)

Otherwise, the design looks a lot like a smaller TLX. Which is what Acura was going for. Instead of the previous Integra models. The car is basically what a 2022 Civic Si hatchback would be underneath.

It gets 200HP from the 1.5 Liter Turbo. And CVT is standard on all models. The 6-speed manual from a Civic hatch is an option on the top-of-the-line A-Spec Tech model only. 

The CVT gets paddle shifters. Usually, these are always just a gimmick. But the adaptive dampers with 3 settings (another A-Spec Tech only feature) could improve the ride over the Civic. Otherwise, the interior is not exactly the same, but very similar (black interior is the Civic)

As you can see, the console (bottom pic) still doesn’t offer vents for the rear passengers. And the sunroof is the tiny old fashion one from the Civic. They offer the fantastic 16 speaker ELS sound system. But again, only on the top-of-the-line model. The other 2 get the standard 8 speaker unit from the Civic (not even the cool 12 speaker Bose)

The new Acura has a weird choice of trims too. You either get a base model or the sportier A-Spec. The Tech package option is only available on the A-spec. While you can add a tech package or even Advance Package on all other Acura models without being forced into an A-Spec version. Just weird… Especially for music lovers who would love the ELS system but don’t necessarily want black wheels, spoiler etc…

The “around $30 000” base price seems to be about $3000 more than a comparable Civic EX-L. (Except the Acura doesn’t get real leather) The base model comes with 17-inch wheels while both A-Spec versions get 18-inch wheels.

I guess $3000 isn’t a huge markup for a near-luxury brand. Although the good stuff that makes it better is only on the A-Spec tech. The 16 speaker sound, adaptive dampers, etc… That will probably be over $35 000. A $5000 mark-up over the loaded Civic Hatch Sport Touring.  Not sure this will work…


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  1. The Sport Touring manual would still be my choice, if not another brand entirely as a statement after Honda decontented the 11th gen Civic Si so bad, while raising the cost. Acura failed miserably not offering the base trim with a 6spd. Not only that, but this should have been called exactly what it is, an ILX. When you think of it that way, it's way easier to swallow. Not a horrible car, but also not what a modern day Integra should be.

  2. – The Sport trim of the hatchback, at $24 500, is available with the 6 speed. It's only $1200 more than the base LX.

    – Congrats on the Sport Touring hatch, for a pretty good price! (considering the market thee days)

  3. Oh yeeeaaaah! Give me some of that CVT action!

    I don't know how good or not good Honda CVTs are so I can't knock it yet. Hopefully it works perfectly with the car.

    Well this is a good looking car I still think they're new TLX is better looking.

  4. At least the ILX has an Acura interior, this is so obviously Honda in all aspects including that steering wheel. It doesn't even offer much Acura interior upgrades either. It's just too similar to a Honda in this case which is unfortunate.

    Arguably the original Integra was also sold as a Honda in other markets and wasn't exactly luxurious but still…

  5. In my opinion, this is what the TLX should have looked more like… a sleeker more upscale version of its current self.

    For the Integra, the 4dr hatch is fine. But what made the 3rd gen great was a simplicity of lines all racing to the back (making it look fast) and it had that classic look the original Mustangs had… long low hood, with the driver far back on the chassis and a blunt tail. They could have done this with a 4dr hatch. Instead we got this chopped up, Too many lines, too upright, trying too hard to look all model year 2010 POS. Should have been clean design, with less lines. like the new electrics. Screw the Precision Concept design language. its already stale.
    Acura really put NO EFFORT into this.

  6. Agree 1000% with FFEMT6.. this is pretty much what we should have expected from a modern ILX, but the Integra name promises so much more than Acura has delivered. And just imagine if they had tried to apply the Legend name to the TLX..

  7. I feel the same way about the slash line from the rear window down the side toward the front wheel. Its a very cut up look. not sleek. Blehk

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