2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio: new face coming up…

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First, the new Guilia was going to put Alfa Romeo on the map. 
Then came the Stelvio. Which was going to be the true savior and make Americans fall in love with Alfas all over again.
None of this really happened.
While I am sure American fans of the old Italian brands were very happy to see new models on sale in the US. It hasn’t really been a success. They sold only about 10 500 Stelvios last year.
And of course, the Guilia sedan is even more popular with only about 7600 units.
Meanwhile, even more competitors showed up. Like the new Lexus NX. And the Genesis GV70.
Alfa is claiming the new Tonale will help Alfa double its sales. Which shouldn’t be too hard.
Under 40 000 units (in the US) would still be pretty bad for the whole brand.
For the new year, it looks like the Stelvio will get a few changes to its face. And probably the rear lights as well. They’re probably fine cars, and they do look good.
Still. I wish them luck…

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  1. the new face is better. it had serious hawk-face with the projector headlights and that Alfa grill.

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