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It seems all hope is lost for the next-generation BMW 7 series. This new illustration is based on various spy shots as well as the recent official teaser we just saw.

Which means it’s probably pretty accurate, unfortunately. A weirdo design where nothing fits together. Like a Chinese copy of a luxury car. Which, these days is getting harder to find. Since recent Chinese designs have been much better than this.

It makes you wonder how long BMW can keep designing horribly obnoxious cars before people wake up and see what they are. It’s not like the competition is asleep. New Mercedes designs are pretty invisible, but it seems upcoming Audis will mostly be quite stunning. And the new Lucid Air has been getting great reviews.

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  1. I don't think that BMW especially will have their spot at the top of the luxury car market. I think it'll be new players I do think Mercedes will remain but I don't think BMW will with his designs. There are too many better looking options now. Whether Ev, or ice.

  2. ENG: The new BMW 7 Series model is beautiful but I don't like that big nose with a grille and ugly design at all !!! Copy paste failed after Grille at the old German Limousine: Audi A6 third Generation c6 !! 🤮🤮👿😡👺👹 !!

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