2023 Honda Accord: first spy pix…

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These are probably the worst quality spy shots ever. But they do show something we’ve never seen before: the next-generation Honda Accord for 2023.

Of course, it’s hard to tell anything from these. Except the next Accord will retain the general silhouette of the current model. Just like the 2022 Civic, there won’t be many changes under the body. Powertrains are expected to be pretty much the same as they are now. Same platform etc…

This will probably be “new” without looking “too new”…


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  1. Well, a similar exterior to this generation with a better interior is completely fine with me. Maybe they will finally take advantage of the swoopy rear windshield and make it a hatch. Doubtful, but maybe.

  2. All they need to do is redesign the hideous oversized taillights and tweak for the 100th time the grille. Everything else is fine.

  3. A little surprised by the rising beltline and window sill.. thought all new Hondas were going for the Civic straight-edge greenhouse. Hopefully they don't ruin the elegant lines of the current Accord.. it still looks way more expensive than it is.

  4. Like a lot of people, I suspect, I wanted to like the Accord but couldn't. Not enough to buy one. And we looked at them. Hopefully, this will address the things that seemed off about the current model, like the side skirting and swoop, and the rear that looked cheap.

  5. What the Accord needs –
    More height in the cabin's greenhouse so it doesn't become a slightly larger Civic again.
    Lose that chrome brow. Fix the frumpy rear end.
    Better sound insulation for ALL TRIMS.
    Better quality seats with thicker, denser foam.
    Improve hybrid power and efficiency, and dont wait a year to intro it.

  6. Fix the front end, and PLEASE redo that hideous taillight style. The styling turned me away from buying one. Otherwise it's a home run, and this update will add to it.

  7. I think this is for 2024 and that 2023 will be a carryover, or else they would've had some official word or something from Honda themselves by now and there would've been more spy shots besides these ones. Some sites like Edmunds say it's 2023 but they fail to mention how they're sure it's so. Meanwhile, I also see some sites say it's a carryover. It's all speculation.

    The previous gens had spy shots well over a year before they started production.

    Could be wrong, but my vote goes to 2024.

  8. Honda said a few days ago that a "new Accord Hybrid" was coming in 2023. This probably means a new generation will only be available as a Hybrid.

  9. to whatever user said the Accord could loose the chrome brow…thanks a lot, Honda removed one of the Accords best features

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