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The new Honda Civic eHEV for 2023 has been unveiled. In Europe only so far…
As you can see, it looks basically the same as our Civic hatchback. the “Advance” version seems to be similar to our top of the line “Sport Touring” in the US. Same wheels, 12 speaker Bose, sunroof, leather etc…
It is powered by a hybrid powertrain with a 2.0 Liter engine for a total of 181HP.
In my opinion, this would be the best Civic to get if offered in the US. As the Honda  CVT actually works great when pared to a hybrid powertrain. Like in the Insight or Accord Hybrid.
This would be a great replacement for the slow selling Insight. And would probably not be much of a premium. In the Accord, the hybrid version is only about $1500 more than the basic 1.5 Liter model. And less than the 2.0 Liter.
Which means a hybrid Civic could be priced between the base 2.0 Liter and the more powerful 1.5 Liter Turbo. Who knows…
Even if it is a small premium over the turbo, it would be well worth if just for the much better CVT behavior with the hybrid.
The super high mileage would just be icing on the cake.
I really hope they bring this over here…


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  1. It's weird. I sort of like this design, but more of me doesn't? I'm happy they tamed to design down, but I don't really like the front headlights and the grille, nor do I like the rear taillights and that weird execution of the 'hatchback' aspect of it. The hood is too long, and the rear is a blob. I would prefer a sedan shape here. Maybe if the grille didn't hang out over the headlights and be more streamline, that would be nice. Also that lower fascia grille is wanting to be a mini Camry, and that's no good.

    Huh… It sounds like I am ragging on this car, and I kind of am, but…. I guess I don't like it that much…

  2. This is the one I would buy, if I couldn't find a Sport Touring Hatch with a manual. So smart of Honda making the Hybrid a hatch. A PHEV would really be amazing.

  3. love this. i hope they bring it to the US. Timing is perfect. The only (small) complaint is the pushbutton transmission selector. Has anyone else gotten tired of these yet? Go back to gear handle – it doesn't get accidentally hit while driving. These buttons are just annoying.

  4. Yuck. They call that a hatchback design? Hatchbacks used to actually have a cool nice looking profile. The angles are all off on this. Long straight front, and then a bubbly round rear. This is a very unappealing hatchback. In a weird way, the pre-facelift hatchback that looked like a tuner car was better than this.

  5. Make a sedan variant and I might consider this. It would fix up that contorted rear. Interior looks nice.

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