2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6: another illustration…

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 Every time we see new spy shots, we get a new illustration a few days later.

Nothing really new here. Except for the rear vertical lights that were uncovered a few days ago in a video. Otherwise, the back is really droopy on this one. Let’s hope again the real thing looks much better than this. 

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  1. I personally don’t mind the droopy back, very Porsche like. My concern is rising costs and how much this will end up selling for once it hits dealerships. Then again this is still at least 1 year away

  2. Rising costs aren't as bad of a problem as dealer greed/gouging/markups.
    They are selling $78 000 Kia EV6s out there. The $47 000 "Wind" version.

  3. No one has made this swoopy design look good on the vehicle yet. I know Mercedes is also currently doing it. I think they're doing it the best maybe with the EQS. Still I don't like how the rear looks at all.

  4. The rear is way too low. It looks really weird. It is also a weird decision to make those lights on the bumper be rectangular that go up and down. Since the whole rest of the vehicle is a flowing rounded shape, why are those bumper rectangular lights there? The rear is just all to droopy, maybe if it was raised higher it would look better.

  5. Oooooo, that is an unappealing design in the rear. That swoopy droop in the rear doesn't look very appealing. No one can make this trend a few brands are doing look good. I do like it from the B-pillar forward through, from this angle. It just starts to look really low and awkward beyond that in this rendering.

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