2023/24 Hyundai Santa Fe: new illustration…

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 This new illustration shows us what a next-generation Hyundai Santa Fe crossover could look like.

It looks like a weird blend of the current Santa Fe and the next-generation Grandeur luxury sedan. Which ends up looking… just plain odd. 

The front end of the current Santa Fe is pretty scary and I would hope Hyundai could find something else to do with the next one. Something much cleaner. 

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  1. Not sure why every rendering is plastering this grill on every Hyundai product. I don't recall even seeing this grill on any concept?

  2. I thought that the Santa Cruz and Tucson was going to be the face of Hyundai. They are using it for the Palisade so why are they pushing the Santa Fe with this strange looking front end?

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