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Stellantis has just shown a brand new compact Jeep model. No name or info yet. But this will indeed be the brand’s very first full-electric car.
The only info we have is that it will go on sale early next year in Europe.
This means it would not based on the upcoming STLA EV platform. Since that is still around 2 years away.
It could be based on the European Opel Mokka e. (Related to the Peugeot 208) Or the upcoming Astra e. (Related to the Peugeot 308)
Although these are not brand new platforms. The EV range of the Mokka e is only about 160 miles in the European test cycle. Which means it would be even less in the US.
Unless Stellantis finds a way to squeeze a larger battery for our market, I don’t really see this coming to North America.
Which would be too bad…

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  1. This looks really good! Nice job, Jeep.

    Not that it matters, but this doesn't look like an off roader by any stretch. But it looks great!

  2. If it is based on the Opel Mokma, that is a good thing. The Buick Encore was a profit and selling machine back when it was new. They were terrific and still are. New GM ones aren't as solid. So for Jeep to maybe use that as a base… Or maybe preferably Chrysler, they could have a huge hit in their hands. This concept is very encouraging based on how good it looks.

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