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We saw early patent pix of the new Lotus EV SUV, and they looked OK.
But the real thing seems pretty stunning so far.
This just looks great inside and out. Sure, the screen could be integrated better. And that gold trim stuff is just super cheezy.
But that’s probably a trim choice or an option anyway.
Not sure about specs or pricing yet. But it does look expensive. It’ll probably compete directly with the BMW iX. Ane even with the Rivian 1S.
A very nice blend of sporty and luxurious… At least visually. Something BMW completely failed to do with the overdone and lumpy-looking iX.
More on this soon…

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  1. Looks like a sleeker version of the Kia EV6 with a nicer interior. Fyi: Saw my first EV6 on the road this morning. Tbh, I was a little underwhelmed.

  2. I know lotus needs an SUV to get more sales. But this sort of just looks like every other sports car company that made an SUV. There's nothing that really stands out. Honestly the Kia and the Hyundai in the previous blog posts look better

  3. Says the guy who is responding by a computer or phone made in China.

    I personally don't want to buy a chinese-made car but then you have to realize that there are some Chinese things that are well made and maybe these cars are one of them. Everything we have is pretty much made in China whether it bekitchen appliances, or technology devices, they're all from China. I guess it is up to each person to choose what they will buy from China and what they won't.

  4. I love it…. haven't seen an EV6 in person yet…. the interior i love, except for the suede… i hate that material, shows all kinds of dirty… that's nasty…

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