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Here are two really cool and informative videos from Europe showing the all-new Lotus Eletre electric SUV in detail.
Obviously, this is still an early prototype, and not everything is working yet.
The Eletre comes with an 800V charging system. Which means 10 to 80% charge in less than 20 minutes if you can find a 350kW charger.
The range is projected to be around 373 miles on the European cycle. Which probably means something closer to 350 or even 330 in the US EPA test.
Which is OK but not that great for an expensive luxury SUV.
Speaking of expensive, they are rumors of an “around $100 000” price.
Which sounds crazy until you realize this would actually be less than the aging Tesla Model X.
The Lotus is also a bit longer than the Tesla. And almost exactly the same length as a Rivian 1S SUV.
We’re talking about a big luxury SUV that seems made for the US market in mind.
Although Lotus has not confirmed North American sales yet…

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  1. Vehicles that aren't something most people could afford sadly just don't interest me much. I can't say I even like how this looks. It's not horrendous by any means though. Reminds me of a Lambo from the front… sorta.

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