Next generation VW Tiguan: new illustration…

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 The current generation VW Tiguan was introduced in Europe back in late 2015. Of course, a new one is long overdue.

But ICE VW models are getting replaced by new EVs these days. And the next Tiguan could be the last. So there will be no huge investment there. It’ll probably use new body panels and interior on top of the current platform and tech. 

As mentioned earlier, the next Tiguan is supposed to be available in just one size, instead of 2 currently. But this illustration shows us a longer 7 seater version probably for the Chinese market.

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  1. Tiguan is a attractive SUV held back by poor reliability. How come Audi quality seems so much better on more complex automobiles?

  2. I don't Know if I would say Audi is more reliable. My 2-year-old A4 was in the shop three times last year and already once this year. Just normal mixed driving. Probably won't buy another VW group vehicle.

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