2023 BMW 7 series: early photos…

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These will be the last shots we get before the all-new BMW 7 series for 2023 is officially unveiled.
And by now, it’s everything we expected. Maybe not as bad as it could have been for some
At least the chrome version helps a little bit (that second shot looks like a tank)
It is still a very conventional shape we have seen for decades, with a huge grille added to it. I know the new S-Class looks very much like the previous generation, but at least it stays pretty classy.
This is just really heavy-handed.
The interior also seems very busy. And again, pretty garish and convolutede. Maybe the wood trim in other versions helps a bit?
We’ll see much better pictures of this very, very soon.


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  1. Question about the interior…where are the air vents? Is this a Tesla “no visible vents” situation?

  2. So sad to see to those sloppy design language invaded whole BMW model line. What is the reason of using the same cheap looking Screens in whole model line? Where is the uniqueness of 7-Series? They have sadly lost Chris Bangle who brought most controversial but unique design to 7-series (E65). Z8, Z4, E60 5-Series and X-Models which have already become all time classics. I am hopefully waiting for a miracle; someone will woke up from this nightmare and bring back design language which BMW deserved.

  3. ENG:Nice car but Not like that's Ugly Nouse is Resemble to Much to Old Generation Audi a6 c6 Limousine third Generation 🤮😡

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