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Here is a video of the new larger, Civic-based, Honda HR-V for North America. 
And I’m afraid to say, it looks as boring driving around as it is standing still. I guess it doesn’t really matter, since its main competition in the US would be the equally dull Toyota Corolla Cross.

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  1. It just looks like a Civic that just sits higher up. Darn couldn't they make it at least give this Civic platform its on characteristics?

  2. Dull? Ugly? Look at this website. It looks 20 years old with cheap advertisements all over it. Upgrade it.

  3. Just boring. It looks just like an outdated Ford Escape.
    I was hoping our model would look like the European model but instead we'll be getting this.
    And on top of it, you cannot order directly like a Subaru or others. You'll have to pay extra to the stealerships for one of this vehicles. Markup numbers they call it, pure robbery.
    It seems like companies like Honda and Toyota are doing NOTHING to stop this crazy markups.

  4. Never thought I'd wish for Honda to add another of their thick chrome unibrows to the front of one of their vehicles, but this one would actually benefit from it.

  5. It's the car Honda needed now. A vehicle for the desire for SUVs of the people who leave the sedans (a civic pulled up) waiting for the electrified vehicles in which the design will be revolutionary because it is the expression of a true revolution

  6. I like the exterior look of it.
    And yes, it does remind me a bit of the Ford Escape at the front end. Not a bad thing.
    -The main points i care more about, besides aesthetics , are the drive train with a decent bump up in engine/torque. 160-175hp with similar torque output on a decent transmission would be ideal. If it will continue the CVT, at least let it be the best cvt that mimics a conventional 6 speed auto with smooth shifting action and uses up the torque wisely.
    My other concern , something i greatly detest, is this trend of big stupid 10-12'' monitors across the dash. Flat screen monitors instead of traditional, easy to see and use analogue gauges, stereo volume-on/off knobs, tiny hard to read buttons and silly locations for what should be easy to reach for HVAC or heated seat controls.
    One more gripe is the overly complicated looking automatic shifter knob with awkward button or weird shift patterns such as in a bmw or smartCar, etc.
    KISS= keep it simple stupid 🙂

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