2023 Hyundai Palisade: this is it…

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 It sure looks a bit different. 

But to me, this kind of huge blocky/chromy front end is far from being the classiest thing. To say the least. I know the Palisade is a very good deal in the large 3 rows SUV segment. But this just looks quite obnoxious. Trying very hard to look like a GMC truck for some reason…

Maybe it’s one of these that looks better in person?

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  1. I mean it's definitely not the worst or the best thing, but it's fine. That massive grill makes me think of those Japanese mini fans with the large grill. Somehow this looks more minivan like. But I can see how they can use this to make it more upscale as well.

  2. Not a fan of the excessive chrome either Vince but hopefully this is just the posh version. I will say though I do like the car. For the money it’s great

  3. This was cg'ed by an amateur Photoshoper using the two teaser shots from Hyundai. This is NOT a photo of the real thing.

  4. Seems cleaner. I'm torn. I was never a fan of the old pinched grille that Hyundai was doing for a few years though, so I'm glad that's gone.

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