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The Kia Seltos is getting a refresh for the next model year. As usual, most of the changes will be at both ends. As well as inside.
With all that camouflage it’s pretty hard to say what the updates might look like. I just hope they make the Seltos design a bit simpler.
I remember being a bit disappointed when ai saw it in person a few years ago at the auto show. That front end is just so busy.
I also remember that I’ve seen only a couple of these around since that first one at the show.
Apparently, the Seltos isn’t that popular. With only 51 356 units sold last year. Which is about 7 times less than the Honda CR-V!
The Seltos is probably a very nice compact SUV that deserves better…


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  1. The Seltos isn't in the same class as the CR-V so I wouldn't use that as a comparison. Also like… The CR-V is one of the most popular vehicles to compare it against. Maybe check something I the same vehicle class.

    As for changes, I can't expect a whole lot. The car is a good value for the money.

  2. on paper, this is a great SUV, the EX is fairly loaded with all the safety tech and it's only $27K. Went to look at one for my daughter and walked away… it' a nice size, good design, some whimsical design features, e.g. speaker grilles that look like origami, etc. Unfortunately, we are no longer considering this car and here's why:

    1. the seats are flat and very hard. uncomfortable during the 15min test drive

    2. she could not get comfortable in the driver's seat, no amount of adjustment made her comfortable to sit AND reach the pedals (she's petite, BTW)

    3. the rear seat.. I've sat on park benches that were more comfortable. It's a torture chamber back there. also on this particular car with the black interior… it was DARK.. automakers really need to add some color to their cars, especially inside.

    4. and for the final issue and insult. Given the scarcity of vehicles, dealers are adding all sorts of fees. This 2022 Seltos EX with an MSRP of $27,500 had a "market adjustment fee" of $20,000.. yup, this KIA dealer wanted $47,500 for their entry level SUV

  3. For starters, the Seltos doesn't compete with the CR-V. That's the Sportage's job the Seltos is more of a HR-V competitor. I see them all over around the DC area.

  4. The Seltos is more of a subcompact (spawned from the Kona platform) so the comparison should really be made with the HR-V. It sold 137,090 last year; still more but only ~2.67x not 7x.

  5. I just got my new Seltos yesterday.
    Seltos EX. I live it!!!

    This is my 4th Kia.
    1st Kia was 2002 Rio
    2nd Kia 2004 Optima
    3rd Kia 2010 Forte
    4th Kia 2022 Seltos

    This Seltos is the most computerized car I ever owned. It is like a Smartphone on wheels. This is my first SUV!!! AWD. I'm still looking at the Owners Manual to see what the heck other features this thing does that I don't know about.

  6. Actually the Seltos is more an HR-V rival. The Sportage is more a CR-V rival. Then Sorento vs Passport
    And last Telluride vs Pilot.

    So who is selling better between Seltos and HR-V? That indeed is the million dollar question.

  7. Not a good apples to apples comparison with a seltos and a crv. They're different class vehicles. Now within the same class the celtos is not a top 5 best seller but it certainly a middle range seller and it sells quite well. There are many below it that sell way less. I'd say its sales are average but for Kia it might be good being that they had nothing in that category prior. It is competing against roughly 20 different vehicles.

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