2023 Mercedes EQS SUV: the official photos…

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The new SUV version of the Mercedes EQS is finally out. And, as predicted, it looks just like a raised-up wagon version of the EQS sedan. Inside and out.
Which is OK. The sedan actually does look more impressive in person.
At least, it doesn’t look like a total mess like the BMW iX. 
Although, since the sedan starts at around $100 000, this will be quite a bit more expensive than the BMW. 
The EV range is rated at 373 miles. In the very optimistic European test cycle.
Or about 100 miles less than the sedan. Which could be bad news for the US ratings since the sedan is rated at just 350 miles over here…
Under 300 miles could be a marketing problem for a $100 000 electric SUV.
While the range might not be impressive, the rest of the car seems much more luxurious than the Tesla Model X. At least, that’s something…


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